Since the Seminary is a traditional theological college, the primary requirement for admission is the applicant’s sincere desire to serve the Orthodox Church. Only with this motivation will the applicant appreciate the opportunities for learning and growth offered by the Seminary. A high school diploma, Secondary School Certificate or GED is necessary for entrance into the Bachelor of Theology, Certificate in Pastoral Studies, and Certificate of Theological Studies programs.  SAT exams are not required.

Application materials for admission to the Seminary may be downloaded from this link (to download the application form, click here

All applicants must be members of the Orthodox Church or have desire to become a member.

The following must be submitted to the Office of Admissions for all programs:

  1. Completed application form (to download the application form, click here).
  2. Birth certificate (photocopy).
  3. Baptismal certificate (photocopy).
  4. Official transcripts from all schools and institutions of higher learning attended.
  5. Recommendation of spiritual father (to be sent directly to the Seminary by the spiritual father).
  6. One recent photographs (passport size).
  7. Two page Autobiography.
  8. One recent full personal photograph
  9. Application fee (non-refundable).  For international students: $50.  For students living in the Nigeria: N5,000.00. Payment can be made by money order in US dollars or by credit card, through Paypal secure online system, or by payment to the account

Applications may be sent in early, but students may enter the program only at the beginning of the fall or spring semesters.  The decision of the Admissions Committee will be communicated to the applicant by mail.

All subjects are conducted either in English or Greek depending on the needs of the students. It is not necessary to acquire a basic knowledge of Greek prior to entering the Seminary’s regular academic program, although it is very helpful. English instruction is available in all years.

At the beginning of the academic year all incoming (new) students must take an entrance examination. The entrance examination will examine the applicant’s knowledge of subjects taught in the Aspirancy Programme. Placement of new students will be determined entirely by the results of entrance exams and documents supplied by students. Students who have taken courses at other accredited institutions that correspond to courses offered at St Athanasius Major Seminary must supply all relevant transcripts to the Office of Admissions with their application in order to transfer applicable credits. After completion of entrance exams students may be exempted from attending certain classes, at the discretion of the administration.

The Seminary cannot provide housing for married students. Students with families must obtain housing independently.

The Monastery and Seminary are not responsible for students’ personal expenses.

Students are given the opportunity to pay all or part of their room and board by performing various Monastery obediences; however, tuition must be paid by real funds, which can include scholarships and grants.  Neither the Monastery nor the Seminary can provide salaried student employment during the academic year.  Limited employment opportunities may be available during the summer vacation.

O.P.T.: F-1 students have the option to apply for the Optional Practical Training program offered through SEVIS, which allows a full-time student to obtain salaried or hourly employment for up to one year in the student’s field of study.  The student must maintain full-time status as a student (on-campus only) during the time of employment OR he may work for up to one year after graduation.  The seminary has no obligation to hire any student.

Tuition and Fees

Students undertakes and are assigned teaching or health work to pay for tuition, feeding and boarding. Students can also get sponsors and donors to support their education program.

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