Byzantine College of Naturopathy to Byzantine College of Naturopathy

The Byzantine College of Naturopathy is currently running as a Health Program for St Athanasius Major Seminary under the auspices of The Byzantine Orthodox Church.

A career in Natural Medicine offers a holistic approach to disease prevention and overall wellness. Entering a career in Natural Medicine takes a long-term commitment to your education and to the purposeful work you must do post-graduation to build your practice. The Byzantine College of Naturopathy (BCN) provides a rigorous curriculum, conducted through distance education and residence education in form of workshop series and seminar, aimed to prepare you to achieve your career goals and contribute to the expanding world of integrative, complimentary and natural medicine.

Teaching the Future of Natural Medicine

Are you ready to transform your mind, body and career with a world-class education that supports you on every level?

If it’s important to you to…

  • Support people in their healing journey with holistic and non-toxic approaches to healing
  • Holistic approach to disease prevention and wellness
  • Grow a meaningful business that fits your values
  • Make a positive difference and impact on a global scale

Then you owe it to yourself to give the Byzantine College of Naturopathy a closer look.



Certificate in Alternative Medicine

The Certificate of Naturopathy provides the perfect opportunity to explore the amazing world of naturopathy, a holistic system of healing that incorporates a range of treatments and natural therapies, with the underlying belief that your body is able to fight infection and disease itself, given the right support.



Diploma in Natural Medicine

This exciting and unique Diploma of Naturopathy Course covers many different aspects and topics available to natural therapists today. It is a new approach to Naturopathy that encompasses a global perspective on Naturopathy, integrating the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine into traditional Naturopathic medicine.


Bachelor in Herbal Medicine

This course provides a practice-oriented education in herbal medicine, which includes both the theoretical and clinical development necessary for working with patients, and the preparation and dispensing of remedies. The course includes fieldwork, growing and gathering herbs and visiting herb collections and conservation habitats.


Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D./N.M.D.)

DOCTOR OF NATUROPATHY / NATURAL MEDICINE (N.D./N.M.D.) is a 2 year post-graduate course conducted by the Byzantine College of Naturopathy Medicines. The courses are available as distance course and could also be attended at our Training Centers in units of total of 18 courses. Requirement includes a previous degree