Vows are taking to God within the Church through its Bishops and Priests.

Vows once taking is forever unless dispensed of it by one’s Bishop or Superior through a written request by the Candidate of dispensation.

Seminarians are expected to take the following vows:

Obedience: To God through the Bishop and Superiors: To obey, as one would one’s parents as a good child, one’s Superior in all Religious matters, and obey the Holy Scriptures as best as one is able, and to obey the Canons of this Church in all things.

Stability: In the Church Services: To remain stable and sure, and not a fly by night person

Allegiance / Fidelity: To the Orthodox Faith: To remain devoted and loyal to God, to the Byzantine Catholic Church, to Our Patriarch, and to the Canons of this Church.

Celibacy / Chastity: Celibacy for the Religious, Monks and Priests. Chastity for all to remain faithful to their vows be it married or celibate: This is a voluntary vow, and refers to the state of not committing any actions of lust arising from a sexual impulse. It also refers, for married clergy, to the state remaining faithful to the vows of marriage. Monks and Nuns take a Perpetual Vow of Celibacy.

Charity: To treat all persons with the Love of Christ, and to Provide help when and where possible.

Poverty: To be poor in Spirit, whereas all that one owns belong to God through his Church: Another voluntary vow, which states that the cleric in question will not have or keep large amount of money, or property.