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Giving Opportunities at St Athanasius Major Seminary

St Athanasius Major Seminary provides an educational adventure that helps students grow intellectually and spiritually. We offer theological education that cultivates students’ leadership potential. We encourage students to contribute to the culture of interfaith dialogue. We are preparing peacemakers and exploring interfaith dialogue for today and for the future.

St Athanasius Major Seminary relies on the generosity of our donors to make a wide variety of programs possible and to assist qualified students with financial aid.

Gifts to the Annual Fund help defray current program expenses.

Planned Gifts help to guarantee our financial future.

Gifts in Kind save us the expense of having to purchase those donated items and/or services. And volunteers help reduce the expense of part-time and temporary staff.

Your gifts are needed and appreciated at St Athanasius Major Seminary. And most are tax deductible.

We invite you to find basic information about Giving Opportunities at St Athanasius Major Seminary. If you have any questions, please contact the Institutional Advancement Office at

We need Benefactors to sponsor Seminarians and help spread the Gospel around the world.

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You can give your donation to support A Candidate through the seminary or Sponsor any of the Categories:

A Complete amount required for the entire six years program $12,000
B Tuition, Feeding and Boarding for the six years program $8,300
C For Feeding a Candidate throughout his studies $4,800
D For Degree in Orthodox Theology, Distance Learning $3,000
E For Book Supply, Study Books, Horologion, Lectionary, etc $1,500
F For Vestments and Liturgics $2,000
G For Boarding during the entire Course $1,750
H Application Fees $50
I Program extension or continuation fee per annum $500
J Graduation Fee Distance Learning Program $250
K Graduation Fee Resident Seminarians $500

A benefactor may give part or whole.

Thanks for your financial support of vocations to the priesthood! Cash Donations and Cheques in support of the priesthood training should be sent to


Account No: 0173567512


Postal Address: Byzantine Orthodox Church, P.O.Box 04, Ikeja Lagos

You can make your donation online here:

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You can contact the Vocational Director

We therefore thank and all those who have voluntarily and gratuitously assisted, (and who continue to assist), in this noble undertaking for their self-sacrificing labors in the establishment, organization, and operation of the Institute. We wish to all of the professors and students an ever deeper appreciation of the mystery of salvation, leading to active service and ministry in the Orthodox Church and, ultimately, culminating in eternal life. We also pray that participation in the programs of the Institute may educate, spiritually enlighten, form, and strengthen a multitude of new workers in Christ’s vineyard who will support the evangelical and pastoral mission of the Orthodox Church in Latin America and throughout the world. This holy endeavor is both necessary and timely, “for the harvest is great but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37), and accordingly, with great joy, we bestow our fatherly best wishes and apostolic blessings.